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MUSIC artist Submissions

Blaxicana Fest gives new music artists a chance to showcase their work for a live audience in an upscale venue with other creatives. We are looking for music talent from all genres of music who are professional and dedicated to their art form. If selected to perform, we ask that you prepare by rehearsing before the event to give the best performance ever, as the event will be epic!

All artist must attend the mandatory sound check/meeting which occurs approximately two (2) hours before doors open on the day of the event.

If this is you, please submit the below details and someone from our team will contact you to set up a meeting via phone or zoom.
Thank you all in advance for your submission.
-Blaxicana Team

1. Submit the tracks you plan on performing for a full 10min set. These tracks should be the instrumental version, as you will be required to perform live and there is no lip singing. Please note, once you submit these tracks, there will be NO changes.

2. Submit a link/video of a live performance of any kind, if you have done one in the past.

3. A link to your music (Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify...)

4. Your Instagram handle


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